1776 – Déjà vu?  Parallels, then and now…

Demented King

A group of 13 English colonies went to all out war in 1776.  The American Revolution had been fomenting for decades. A demented King George had piled tax after tax on the colonies. A boiling point had been reached.  Today, we have leaders whose mental health have come into question. Their very deeds defy logic.

Taxation without Representation

The biggest quarrel the colonies had with King George was taxation without representation. They felt it unfair, monarch and all, for him to levy tax after tax on them. It became overly burdensome.  Today, we have the biggest “hidden” tax ever… Inflation.  Inflation eats away at every dollar we earn. Sometimes a little. Sometimes a lot.  We are currently at 8% annual inflation. And rising.  That is some TAX!

Undue control

King George III also saw fit to impose more and more control over the colonies.  He feared an uprising and reacted by attempting to seize weapons and ammunition. This was seen as being very aggressive, as many decades of “salutary neglect” had preceded. The colonists had gotten used to a “laissez faire” policy, if you will…

No other recourse

The colonists felt as though they had no other recourse but to engage in full revolution. All other avenues had already been tried. King George would have no part in talks aimed at compromise. The writing was on the wall.  Today, our political system is highly in question.  Candidates from both parties have very different talking points. But, when push comes to shove, they act in exactly the same way.  After all, they are beholden to the very same entities. The lobbyists who buy and sell them. What recourse do we have?


Well, it seems as though we are in the same predicament!  Senator Bernie Sanders, in a full-throated voice, demanded no less than an outright Revolution.  Not with guns. Rather he hinted at the end of the 2-Party system we’ve been suffering through. Though he was old and his voice was easily silenced. But soon, a new younger voice will emerge. With the same inevitable message.  Revolution!

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