So, this is the second article Im posting on the topic of Faith.

In the first, I laid out the foundation of what Faith generally is, and that it’s important for us as individuals to obtain and sustain it in our lives. Those were two of four questions answered and so I’ll briefly answer in this article the question, of “Is Faith necessary in the world today”? So let’s talk about it.


Faiths main definition is to have complete trust or confidence in someone or something. As I said in my previous article, I believe Faith is vital in our world today, Especially in us men. Faith is success, peace, transformation, and revival. This isn’t out of biases or worldviews. It’s rather because people, regardless of status, position, country, or personal belief, trust and or have confidence in Something. True? Faith or trust in absolutely nothing? Could you imagine a world in where no one had faith? No living being trusted? No confidence in a certain idea, or vision? Yup, I’ll pass. Being that I earnestly believe Faith is vital, not just in a specific group of men. Or this special crew of spiritual soldiers. But needed in the world as a whole, to change, to make right, and most importantly to DO right.


Faith was needed when The Christian Abolitionists fought to keep slavery as something evil and abolish those laws. In other words, for black freedom.

Faith was needed in the 14th to 15th century Protestant reformation, in order for us to have Bibles in our homes today. In other words, spiritual Freedom.

Faith was needed when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Had his “Dream speech” for Americans to be free. In other words, for American Liberty.

Faith changes our hearts. But faith is only as good as who you’re putting it into. If it’s a “who” at all. Without Faith, Dr. King wouldn’t have stood up and spoke. What if that never happened? We can’t be so sure. But one thing I do know is that history class in middle school would’ve been a lot different. The christian abolitionists, ending slavery. The movement was because of FAITH. Their Faith that God was good, and that He was calling for people to hear Him, by stopping the evil the world was doing to the black people. What if they didn’t have faith in any God at all? What standard would they Have gone by to end slavery for us? The world’s? It was the world’s standard AT THAT TIME that APPROVED of slavery.

This goes back to my statement “Faith is only as good as who you put it into”. Which collectively, with Faith, Hope, and love, if you were serious as to What Love truly is(yes, there’s a wrong view of love today) you’d have faith in what’s Good. Whether it be good morals or standards, a good “view” of life. And to put faith, into what’s Good(Love), will ultimately never shake you. Never. Collectively Faith, Hope and Love is what we need as a people. We will never be shaken with these 3 things.

Faith is necessary today, why? Because without it, our world today wouldn’t be where it is. The liberty in which we have. So, if we are where we are today because of faith in good morale, God, good government,(in the sense of punishing evil doers), then Faith is something that we need TODAY. We can’t just use it and throw it away. Faith changed this nation, and it’ll change this nation continually, the more people begin to have faith. But let’s think…. What is it we’re having faith in? Is it Good? And by who’s standard is it good? The government’s? They haven’t always been right. They’ve allowed for slavery and for the beating of many.

Think. But know, faith is necessary. It was necessary back then. It’ll be necessary today and tomorrow.

Faith to me(again knowing it’s only as good as whom or What you put your faith into) is especially important because apart from it. What do we have? We can’t have surety for much. This world is going downhill. We can’t have ALL of our faith in the world. We lie, make mistakes, we aren’t perfect. The government as Ive already stated hasn’t always been right. What if they’re wrong now? But then again, how are we even understanding these questions I pose? I’m forming these questions based upon a certain standard of right, and wrong.

Find that standard, and have have faith in It.

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