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      Dan Stewart

      Over the last six months, Brittney Griner has been detained in Russia. More recently, it’s become slightly more of a headline in national news. The slow roll of the story’s presence in the news stream is nearly unheard of in 2022, and the case opens the door for a lot of questions about how we treat certain people in these situations and when we choose to support certain people, particularly when democrats choose to support people.

      On the one hand, Griner is getting more help and attention than most Americans would, and she’s being used as a bargaining chip to potentially return a Russian arms dealer. Because of the attention, our government is considering trading someone who normally plays no real role in international relations for someone who supplies arms for the disputes.

      However, on the other hand, Griner’s case has been a relative non-starter with the sometimes-rabid left. This is a lesbian, black woman who has had her gender questioned time and time again, and who’s been sentenced to almost 10 years for a minor amount of marijuana. Could it actually be because she’s an athlete? Sports is not an incredibly comfortable place for the LBGTQ community and there are many moments and shades of racism to point to, so has the diversion from sports in the far left been enough to make Brittney Griner someone to pass over?

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