Hope. This topic, article, thought, will be brief, but hopefully impactful. That’s the mission, isn’t it?

What Is Hope? The definition; a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

Isn’t this the purpose of world missions, charities, organizations? To have this expectation of a specific belief, want, or need? Hope has moved our nation to do many good things. Many radical things. Many essential things.


I believe Hope is essential. Why? Hope, having an expectation, a desire is what drives people. Whether it be to a bad thing, or even a good thing. If I hoped to go outside and find someone who could help me with a certain thing(let’s not get into specifics), then wouldn’t I go outside? Hope drives the mind. It results in action. Or let’s say, I hoped to find a career. If I had this certain expectation and desire. Would that not drive the mind to go and do? So Hope, IS powerful. It drives us to expect, it drives us to DO. That’s what makes hope important.


Truthfully, Whatever is good. The kind of good that actually means GOOD.

Hoping for personal things in our lives, whatever that may mean to you. We here, hope. Its actually the whole purpose of this website, or “movement”. Hoping, or expecting something good to come out of this. Desiring to make a difference. And that hope turned Into something True. It turned into an action. An expectation. The power of hope.

If we sit and meditate, on what we hoped for. What would the list be? Hope would move you to accomplishing such. Therefore making hope an essential and important thing in our lives. “I hope, for a better life, a better future, a better outlook”. You by stating these, or YOUR beliefs, would in actuality reset your mind to what’s important to you and you’d act upon them. The power of Hope.


Now, I being a Christian man, since the age of 16, has hoped in God. God has done MANY supernatural things in my life and will continue to do so. He’s always on time. I’m certainly not here commanding you to do such. But to those who read this, that already have God as their Savior. Hope in Him. What’s the benefit? My oh my, there are many. As a Christian, I certainly believe God is Good. One of His finest attributes. So hoping in Him(Him being good of course) will result in YOU being good. Good to others. Good to yourself. And that’s A benefit. Another benefit would be that God is Love, and that he hates Violence. Well, hoping in Him, would result in YOU hating violence, YOU loving others. See the benefit? Regardless of whether he is true to others or not, the benefit of Love, hating violence, is there.

Believing in God, changes the way this world is. For the better. Look at some of the biggest names in History who believed in a God of non violence. who in many ways changed history and whom we hold in high esteem.

-Dr. Martin Luther King

-Malcolm X

-Muhammed Ali

-Benjamin Franklin

-Rosa parks

-Mother Theresa

Even Jesus Christ Himself. Those are just a few names I could think of that hoped in God(or a god) who set some sort of example for Good. They DID, because of their HOPE, in God.

Which is Why, I’m writing this. Now, me as a Christian, hoping in God is essential, for my everyday. I Hope in Him, which leads me to speaking to Him, even to others about Him. Me Understanding that He is Love, He is gracious, he is kind, he is merciful, which leads the heater to HOPE that this world isn’t all bad. That we can be at peace knowing Justice will be served in the end.

Hope drives, it expects, it desires.

What do YOU hope in? Is it beneficial? Is it selfish? Or can it have some impact in someone else’s life. Which is why I believe we are ALL here. To BE that impact, for better.

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