I’m going to write on this topic because it’s something that means much to me. Its also something the world needs and whomever reads this, I pray will understand it a little differently or even learn something new, or in best case scenario, show someone this kind of love that needs it most. Love Is a strong word, especially when used correctly and understood correctly. I believe that Love, True Love, is all we need as a people to live and make the world better(as cliche as that sounds). I also believe that if we(knowing not all will) who learn and do what Love requires will most assuredly impact others lives, and that’s sufficient in yours and their lives. These are some of my thoughts. Hope you enjoy.

What is love?

Love to me, shouldn’t be subjective. I’ll give some reasons on why soon. What is love? Love isn’t just a feeling, an emotion. To me, LOVE is from the HEART. An action. Not merely an “action”, but what TYPE of action? The action of helping someone in need, feeding the poor, building up someone of low countenance. The list goes on.

A good example, is in family. If we say we LOVE our families, mother’s, father, sister, daughter, whomever, and show no form of it in any way. I’ll say, question whether you truly do. Anyone can say words. Action is the proof that you love them from your heart. An abusive husband may say he LOVES his wife, but from time to time, abuses her with his words, or with his hands. Is that Love? Granted men make mistakes, but if it’s continual, practiced, sported, then clearly this man doesn’t LOVE her from the heart. With words, doesn’t benefit.

So when I bring up, LOVE, shouldn’t be subjective. That example is clearly why. That abusive husband would say he loves her. Do we as people see differently than him? Of course. His love to US, isn’t love. So logic would say, love cannot be subjective. It has to be an objective thing. Love in that situation would say “don’t do those things”. Which in part would mean “Love doesn’t harm it’s neighbor”.

That’s an objective form of love. The list would go on, on why love couldn’t/shouldn’t be subjective. Let’s list another. Mental health. There’s a woman I know, who has Schizophrenia. A very bad condition of the mind. Would it be love for me to say to this woman, “I believe you’re okay, you don’t need meds, nor a therapist, nor a counsellor”?

Or would it be love to say “I know you have this condition and I wish to help support you in any way I can, whether it be through counseling, prayer, community, etc”.

Well, truth is, her family said the former. With that she ran with it and got worse. She through her pills away(her families advice) and started to believe she didn’t have anything to take care of and hold responsible in her life. Which is her condition. She isn’t doing any better today. In fact, she still believes she’s okay. I’d like to believe that, LOVE, should be saying the truth, even if the person doesn’t like it. Another reason why, love shouldn’t be subjective.


The world’s definition of love, is to accept most things, most opinions, most morals, etc. What’s the issue?

Let me take you back to that child molester I wrote of in a previous post. He believes what he’s doing is okay. Morally correct. Should we accept it? Of course not. Why? He’s hurting others. So, if love is to accept all people’s beliefs, then let the child molester run free. He believes in his doing (some actually do). See the issue? So to accept all peoples beliefs and morals is not love, in fact, can be a stupid way to think.


Understanding that LOVE has a true objective meaning. What are good examples of true love?

We understand it DOES NOT HARM ITS NEIGHBOR. I gave a couple of brief examples on why. Knowing that Love doesn’t harm our neighbor, that could go into many ways on how to love properly, with our speech, our actions, even indirect actions I mean. So, I’ll let this objective truth stand, and maybe you, even you, can find a way to perform this in your everyday life.

Love also, is a SACRIFICIAL THING. A form of sacrifice.

Have you sacrificed for someone you know lately? Whether that meant, having to listen for an hour on what you thought was nonsense yet you listened anyway? Just for the sake of the speaker? That was LOVE. Or even going out of your way to give money to the poor, homeless, or needy? Yes, that was LOVE. Love is SACRIFICIAL and this is one of the best forms of It. To go out of our way and think of others more important than ourselves. It’s needed more than ever.

One last example, LOVE is TRUTH. Now this one may be a bit controversial, but test this. Truth, what is truth? We all know. Truth is love(understanding what love is). The world needs love. That’s of a truth. How do we know? This world’s violence, murder, raping, lies, thefts. Do we hate them? Yes. Why? Because we know that those aren’t love. What does it leave with? We want truth, which is Love. There are many examples of why Love is truth. I’ll leave it with that.


Let’s love today, no matter what that may mean in our daily lives. Let us do no harm, no violence. Let us have that listening ear to them that are hurting. Let’s speak truth one to another. Let’s start with the basics. Let’s love. It truly starts with us.

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