We the People, Inc. (Paperback)


A post-modern take on a historic theme takes the reader on a journey through a distinctively personal experience, set in an uncomfortably near and dystopian future.

When undue tax laws put Bob Smith’s Vermont family home at risk, greedy bankers prey on The Sons of Liberty Farm. Seeking solace, Bob and his wife, Jen, begin again in New York City, building a brave future for themselves and their young daughter, Jenna. Struggling to make ends meet, they yearn to re-achieve the American Dream. Sparked by an idea from his now grown-up daughter, Bob aims to take action and lay change to the system. They devise a secret plan and, with the help of a progressive politician, We the People, Inc is brought into full force. Will We the People, Inc prevail over the strength of the establishment, or will Bob discover that absolute power corrupts?

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