School Shootings; The Problem and Solution

So, I’m sure most of us have heard of the recent and tragic, Uvalde elementary school shooting in Texas on the 24th of this year. The shooters name is Salvador Ramos, 18 years of age. Why is this happening today in our society? When did we go wrong? I personally believe that there is a Solution to this problem and If us as Americans can link together and figure this out or even consider this, we may Solve a lot of these issues and prevent this from happening in the future. So, what is it? To keep it short and sweet, I believe that It’s a problem with not only our nation holistically, but more specifically in our school systems today. Which is what I wish to address in this article. Resources say that we’ve had 25 shootings in the last 10 years. That’s more than EVER. What’s the issue and how are the school systems today interconnected with these problems we have? Well, lets start with the well known fact this nation was biblically based, not only was it ran by Christian background but taught in the education system. The School systems were run and taught as a “christian” system, starting in the 1700s. Keep in mind, there are no documents recording school shootings in that time period. Interesting? I’d say so. But WHY? Regardless of your spiritual paradigm or Ideologies, I believe it to be that back then, they had reverence and fear of the Commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Murder”. Given to us in the bible. God was taught in America as Good, Moral, and Holy. Americans honored that. They grew up from infanthood that God was true, and that ALL, were created in His image. They’ve recently taken God out of the school system and are now indoctrinating our children and family on evolution, which again regardless of your paradigm, history is showing, that the world is getting worse. So, lets think together and think on a moral level. I’m sure we’d all agree that murder is wrong. In keeping with that moral understanding, we adopt this attitude in our personal lives, something we should teach our children from infanthood, morals, standards, and integrity. I would say, even if we disagree on who or what God is, lets take it back to the beginning and understand the logic. In the 1700s there were no school shootings or anything close to it. We answered the question of WHY. They were taught at a young age, what should be and what shouldn’t be, and carried that reverence all the way until recent. Which is what we as individuals must adopt and teach today. Morals, fear of doing wrong, and all else that comes close to our morality as human beings. Lets start now and HOPE, that our children will learn and teach their children, and again be back as we once were. Not perfect, but better. It starts with us. WE. THE. PEOPLE.

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  1. Very Simple post, not the greatest one either, believe me I get it. But to me it’s meaningful. That’s what matters. I Soon want to start posting practical advice on HOW we can as a GROUP and as individuals start becoming better in our every day lives whether as fathers, sons, or just simply utilizing wisdom to do and be what this world needs today. Look out for the posts!

  2. Couldn’t agree more about thinking together and with morality. Thinking about your neighbor should be something we all do, regardless of religion. I think you’re right for their being more room for God in the education system as well. With the acknowledgement that it may mean something different to everybody and that the same religious freedoms need to extend to everybody, I believe faith is a major tool in walking through this world successfully and with confidence.

  3. Some interesting points. The current approach to limiting gun rights may not be the best solution. There are many factors that play into an increase in gun violence. Most, if not all are societal. It is more about family, community, and economic factors. One could also point out how technology is alienating and intensifying people. We often experience feelings of hopelessness. Maybe we should put down our phones once and awhile. It would be good to engage the world without the intrusion of social media, or gaming.

    There may also be some complexity to consider when looking for solutions. While America was founded as a Christian nation, it is not just a Christian nation. It is a country of many faiths and conflicting ideologies. In addition to religious beliefs, their is the fact that church and state are separate. And I think this is a good thing. I am not, of course, saying that religions are irrelevant. I for one, was brought up Southern Baptist, and am grateful for my religious education. But I also know that it doesn’t do it for everyone. Some people are atheist. Others are lapsed in their faiths.

    I do think, however, that the changes need to come from the bottom up. Not the other way around.

    Good post.

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