These revolutionaries, both notable and obscured from history, are the basis of the spirit behind the WTPI filter NFT release. As a member, you will be randomly airdropped one of these NFTs which have been preloaded with an image of one of 200 historic figures.


The WTPI Filter NFT (gold) is included with early adopter membership for those who join before July 4, 2022.


Silver is included for members who join before December 31, 2022.


Bronze are members who join anytime during 2023.


Many social media sites make algorithms which present cryptic content. We The People, Inc. intends to make your algorithm customizable by you and transparent to you while remaining private and encrypted in the WTPI Filter NFT. Algorithmic filtering data can be transferable with the sale of the NFT upon agreement of the sale contract and made for use by the purchasing member. You may hold multiple NFTs and toggle activation of the algorithmic filtering for each. For instance, if you would like to focus your attention to specific issues or propositions at any given moment, the WPTI Filter will seamlessly integrate any changes to your feed.

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