STOP NOW – Human Trafficking: Our Fight Against H-1B Abuses

Stop Now is dedicated to the pursuit of fighting human injustices and fostering a better world for all. Our mission is to build connections between people through stories and foster a more compassionate world. Along with many other important projects aimed towards achieving this goal, we are currently invested in stopping H-1B visa status in the United States. Below we discuss our initiative and why we’re passionate about it.

What is H-1B visa status?

H-1B is a visa existing under the Immigration and Nationality Act. It allows U.S employers to temporarily hire foreign workers for speciality jobs. Essentially, this is a non-immigrant visa typically pertaining to industries like tech, science, architecture, accounting, and finance. This often leads to underpaid and hard work.

Why should we stop it?

H-1B visa status is a form of modern slavery and rejects the idea of human dignity. These workers who are employed under this status are often underpaid and overworked. It has been labeled a “cheap labor program” and heavily criticized by a wide array of human rights activists. H-1B status ropes in hard working and talented foreign workers and takes advantage of them with monotonous work that is inhumanely underpaid. It takes the dignity out of working and only truly benefits the corporate giants who are saving thousands of dollars, while getting more work done.

What we imagine.

By coming together as a collective force, we can lead the movement towards a more dignified world and end this form of contemporary slavery. We implore everyone to see the injustice in H-1B status and create a more dignified and compassionate world. We do not stand against any specific person and are not driven by political support of motivation. Our intentions are to foster the betterment of humankind and create a fair and just working environment for all.

How can you help?

Stop Now gives members of our community the opportunity to volunteer, fundraise, and donate. We need all the support we can get in the fight for justice. By making a donation to our cause, you are standing up for thousands of underpaid workers who need your support in the battle for equality. We are dedicated to continually pushing forward in our march for human dignity and will not stop until we succeed. By making a donation to our cause, you can help us achieve our goal. Take action with us today, and help to improve the working conditions of those who need your support today!

Stop Now is on a continual mission to fight injustice. We are both a foundation and a community of individuals looking to support and strengthen the social good sector. We are confident that we can effectively transform the social good ecosystem by saving organizations time, money, and resources through connection with skilled volunteers. Organizations can join our community through a financial commitment which can be funded by a grant maker. Have any questions? Please get in touch with us and learn more about how one donation can help change the world.

To learn more about our mission, please visit us at and our campaign website:

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