My thoughts on Anarchism.

“Anarchism is a political philosophy and movement that is sceptical of authority and rejects all involuntary, coercive forms of hierarchy. Anarchism calls for the abolition of the state, which it holds to be unnecessary, undesirable, and harmful“.

Cited from Anarchism on Wikipedia.

My thoughts on Anarchism. The reason I am writing this Article is because Anarchism, is somewhat the foundation for this website and is to be debated, to be discussed and is controversial in many ways. I am also aware that Anarchism is subjective to many. I have much to write about, but these will be just a fraction of my thoughts on this subject, and something for us all to consider.

Its known that anarchism was around before the 1900s, and was first officially classified as “a thing” by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon during the mid 19th century, and is one of the first proponents of this movement.


I believe Anarchism is something to consider. Anarchism in simple terms is defined to be a “movement” that includes the philosophy that we as a people should have our own opinions, whether as a group or individually apart from the state. Now being that I am an individual, I too have my own opinion on the matter and am forward on expressing such. My opinion on the matter is obviously not authoritative. It includes my experiences, my own worldview, and obviously my own biases. Therefore it should be discussed and considered as a whole people. Now, Anarchism to me is a good and a bad thing. Lets start with my experiences. In the beginning of last year my wife and I had a child and I was both excited and nervous. We together had a plan to work and to save money. I worked hard for the both of us as our plan was also to move to Florida and begin our lives there once our child was born. Her and I were struggling in that time and she was beginning to get tired of our living paycheck to paycheck. Her being tired, she without my knowledge had an abortion, which I til this day am still a bit angry about.


Our state doesn’t consider us men as a whole. It considers our women, I’d say even more so than us men and fights to protect them insomuch as they feel no pity for us in certain matters. This to me is one of the problems with our state and should be noted that Anarchism (understanding the definition) should in a sense be fought for, when we as men, have morals to stand behind. I believe abortion should be brought before courts and decided rightly on whether its considered murder or even Righteous in situations such as mine was. Abortion hurts fathers just as much as it hurts mothers, so why ONLY allow it to be up to the mothers? This is a minute example of why I believe Anarchism is just in such cases. Something to be protested for as men, something to take seriously, and something we should all express and talk about more here on this website.


Now obviously, I believe as many do that state law and governments are for our good. Lets take for example, the punishment of evildoers. A more specific example is the child molester. We as a people understand this morally corrupt and something to leave in the hands of our state. It isn’t something I wish to dive into, simple because we would all agree that they shouldn’t be apart of normal society. I want us to consider that Anarchism as a whole isn’t something (in my opinion) that should be protested for, rather examined in moderation and balanced out today in our discussions and thoughts. Our state punishes these men and women therefore our state should be honored in this aspect and in a sense be revered.


I showed in a very condensed form that we as a people should consider Anarchism for personal matters, and that the state shouldn’t have an objective form of law. I believe that the state should observe matters individually. Anarchism is good. Noticing that we as a people have wants, TRUE WANTS, and needs. This platform that you’re reading this from is the start of how we as a people should consider each other and start from the ground up, which is TOGETHER.


History shows that Slavery was a form of law, but as a people today do we consider this moral? Absolutely not. We look down upon that time in history and complain of such. The thing is, is that it was the state that put forth such doing. Therefore, logically, the state today, JUST BECAUSE ITS STATE, has faults and in some areas, is corrupt. So, we as people SHOULD and MUST consider that Anarchism is needed in this group.


I conclude, that this platform in ABSOLUTELY necessary in figuring out our needs as a people. I truly believe that this platform we are using can be utilized, and I have much hope in the future of this organization. It starts with US. What do we do? We need to consider the things people are speaking of. We need to consider the opinions, the biases, the beliefs, and lets talk about them. First, we need to believe in this vision as a whole, and once one thing is said, ask questions. We need to examine if it’s something that’s beneficial for us as we the people. I wanted to make this article because it’s Relevant, it’s exactly what this vision needs as a collective. So lets start talking. Lets engage. Most importantly, lets react. People have true needs that aren’t being met today, and that’s why we are here. God bless all.

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