Democrats Should Take Back Law and Order

In almost every election cycle, some more than others, there are republican candidates who claim to be tough-on-crime members of the law-and-order party. But in what sense are you tough when you only prosecute the easiest, low level crimes? Meanwhile when these same candidates and their peers become criminals with the widest reaching impact, they’re […]

The Well-Regulated Militia and Gun Control

With the continued violence of mass shootings in the U.S., gun control is yet again a topic of conversation. Inherent in these conversations is the presence of the second amendment, and while the validity of the second amendment itself is rarely questioned, it’s our interpretation of the amendment that would allow, or not, for changes […]

Price Gouging: A Bogeyman to Keep in Check

With prices soaring over the last year and especially in the last few months, everyday Americans are grappling with the causes and how to fight inflation from clawing into their quality of life. One of the reasons people have found is price gouging, and while it definitely happens, maybe the focus on price gouging is […]

Let Them Play Together: Gender in Sports

In the American sports landscape, talk about gender and how it relates has been widespread over at least the last decade. First, with women seeking equality in sports, and now with how transgender people play in and how that affects fairness. While it wouldn’t be popular with some people at first, there is a simple […]

The Positive Effects of Hunting

Hunting is something that’s easy to deride in far left and urban areas. It’s an activity that you can be sure involves a more conservative and country culture, however, liberals would be wise to consider the broader scope of hunting. To see the value we need to go beyond kneejerk emotional responses such as the […]

How to Find Money: Finding Advantages Everyday

Finding money in your pocket is probably one of the most universally relatable experiences. It’s awesome. It’s a come-up for no apparent reason. It’s like a little reward for just going about your day. To steal a line from some Matthew McConaughey movie, “the universe provides.” What I mean by that, is there’s opportunity and […]

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