Faith. What is it? Is it important for us to have? Is it necessary in the world today? Has it changed the world in positive ways? If so, how?

These are the questions I’m going to be answering today in this brief article. Why am I posting this? I previously posted two articles, topics that I’ve found to be very important in this world today. LOVE, and HOPE. I wholeheartedly believe that those two things, including this topic here, can together change a mans life. Just three things. Faith. Hope. Love. So, If one man, then two, then three, then a nation. We HAVE to consider these things. I believe these things are the most powerful things a man can standardize and or prioritize to change. Not just his life, but those around him. Our lives should be examples, and without these three things, we’ll undoubtedly fall short. So let’s get to business.

What is Faith?

  1. Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
  2. Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

For sake of the minds, we’ll focus on the first definition, primarily. It’s sufficient enough for our story here, and for our thinking upon.

Is it important for us to have?

We’ll, lets think together. Let’s not just allow this to be my writing or my opinions. Let us consider the last time faith helped us in an endeavour? Think back to a time when faith was used in your life. To overcome a fear or to jump out of your comfort zone, or maybe even to finish something you started. Faith was necessary in those moments. Without that faith, those things WERE possible, but would you have been able to do them? Faith was the means to get them done. To do more than you could’ve thought possible. With faith, we believe in the possibility. In other words, we see what could be, as opposed to not seeing, therefore not believing, therefore not acting upon whatsoever. The danger of not having faith, are those. Allow me to give you an example of a time that I had faith and that faith worked with me and for me for something that was of absolute necessity in my life at the time. One night, I was watching a series on my phone. This group of people were working together to survive on this island. One of those men, had this aura to him. Not a good one. He was getting angry at another man for “not working as hard” and “not catching enough food” for the group. This man gathered the crew together to discipline this “lazy” man. Once I saw this angry mans pride, arrogance, wanting things his way. I knew then that this man who was disciplined, was going to do something extraordinary for this group. I knew. I’m not sure the timeline, but I’ll say a day or two later, this “lazy man” went out with a fish net, something he had been working on, and caught MUCH fish for the crew. This “lazy man” had all the humbleness and faith, that this arrogant man couldn’t see in him. The whole time this so called lazy man was working, he believed(had faith) that what he was working on, and for, was going to work. Boy did it. Once I saw this, I knew God had blessed them through this one man, who nobody believed in. Yet he believed, and it worked wonders for them. Best part of it all, was that this “arrogant” man, apologized and ate this fish that night with much embarrassment. What’s the point of this story? Well, the following day, after admiring the faith of this man I saw the night prior, It encouraged me so, much that I went out, Believing, that something good was going to come my way pertaining to a job. It was something my family and I needed DESPERATELY and I headed out, not knowing, but believing. All because of a t.v show? YUP. Also because of my faith of being a christian, but that’s irrelevant. I told my wife the whole day, ”I believe somethings good going to happen today for us love”. I said this many times that day. Now, it wasn’t so much the words, “I believe”, but it was the fact that I actually did. I believed. It also isn’t the fact that I Believed. But the fact that, that belief, MADE ME MOVE. Long story short, I called a place, same day interview, job same day and also allowed me to pay off a debt I was worried about for so long. Enough said? I think so. So is faith important? Sure is. This will not be the last article I write on this topic, rather we’ll write in parts. Answering the questions I posed up top. Faith, is key to success. Faith, is keyto happiness, whatever happiness is to you. Faith, is key to where you want to be headed. God bless.

Please make sure to read the other articles pertaining to this topic shortly.

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