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      Dan Stewart

      Over the last two presidential terms, we’ve seen the two oldest sitting presidents in our nation’s history. While former-president Trump may have passionate supporters, to say that the last two terms were overall less-than-satisfactory would be an understatement. Age has been brought up as an issue for both of these presidents, particularly for Biden who was 78 and almost eight years older than Trump on his inauguration date. However, assuming Trump is in the race in 2024, he’ll be about the same age as Biden was in 2020.

      Assuming age is at least some factor in how well a president can do their job, however mitigated by other circumstances, should there be a maximum age limit on who can be president? If we already have a mandatory minimum, that assumes a person must be fully grown and developed to in order to act reasonably and dependably as president, is there any reason that we shouldn’t we also take deterioration into account?

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