The WTPI Roadmap


 Our investments in the technical and social infrastructure within our communities are of the utmost importance. The mission of We the People, Inc. (WTPI) is to enable public discourse with the aim of influencing societal initiatives through the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) without compromising individual sovereignty or collective sustainability. 



Our organization is configured into 3 entities:


  • We the People, Inc. – Trustee

  • WTPI DAO – Beneficiary

  • WTPI Trust

With the realization of autonomous decentralized decisioning in mind, We the People, Inc. functions as a trust in the intermediary in order to ensure security of the system as the technology hardens. 

           Current technical details:


           Polygon(Matic) is used to facilitate blockchain transactions. It is now only used as a secondary authentication method of processing said transactions.


Wallet address verification is required to receive your NFT.


Future plans include interactions with smart contract propositions and elevated account permissions for other smart contract interactions such as posting and voting on propositions.


Current initiatives include membership sign ups, ability to post in forums, publish articles, and pre-order book via Amazon Kindle or paperback (automatic member benefit).

Milestone 1, July 4, 2022: 


Book and NFT v1 release.

Milestone 2, July 4, 2023:


Non-committal propositions go into beta mode. Anyone can vote, no money is allocated.

Milestone 3, May 1, 2024:


KYC begins for voting members. Training for the Proposer level of trust begins.


Anonymous members can participate but not vote

Brands can’t vote but be verified (natural and legal persons).

Milestone 4, July 4, 2024:


NFT v2 upgrade including algorithmic feed filter.

Milestone 5, Late 2024:


Governance tokens – 1000 tokens.


A spent token is used to like/support a proposition, at EOM tokens refresh.

Any tokens that are allocated to an accepted proposition are used to fund said proposition.

Milestone 6, January 1 2025: 

Propositions with funding allocations begin.

WTPI Trust disburses funds for approved props to the proposer to execute the plan.

Future Milestones:  Full decentralization. 

The WTPI trust is dissolved after security of the system is fully tested. Funds will be distributed through smart contracts. Full control is through the DAO system and smart contracts.

  • A desktop and mobile application will be developed to facilitate our own blockchain.

Such development would deem Matic as no longer required. Members will operate the nodes of our blockchain transparently through the app. An additional source of funding for the DAO will be available at this point by offering our blockchain to other non-affiliated platforms for a fee.

  • Development of self-service algorithm to filter content relevant to user preference
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