Let Them Play Together: Gender in Sports

In the American sports landscape, talk about gender and how it relates has been widespread over at least the last decade. First, with women seeking equality in sports, and now with how transgender people play in and how that affects fairness. While it wouldn’t be popular with some people at first, there is a simple […]

What Does ‘Defund The Police’ Really Mean?

After the George Floyd murder in May 2020, many Black Americans and progressives felt that the way to stop the rise in extrajudicial murder at the hands of police officers was to remove much of their funding. “Defund the Police” became the rallying cry of progressives on social media, and it truly gave the right […]

The Positive Effects of Hunting

Hunting is something that’s easy to deride in far left and urban areas. It’s an activity that you can be sure involves a more conservative and country culture, however, liberals would be wise to consider the broader scope of hunting. To see the value we need to go beyond kneejerk emotional responses such as the […]

How to Find Money: Finding Advantages Everyday

Finding money in your pocket is probably one of the most universally relatable experiences. It’s awesome. It’s a come-up for no apparent reason. It’s like a little reward for just going about your day. To steal a line from some Matthew McConaughey movie, “the universe provides.” What I mean by that, is there’s opportunity and […]

3 Stupidly Simple Ways To Save and Invest

Almost everyone could afford to save a dollar. Especially with prices rapidly rising over the last year, there’s a few ways of consuming that are even more important than with a stable economy. With a little willpower and a good sense of what things cost, you can continue to save and grow your money in […]

The Need for Better News

We all hate the news. The sentiment seems almost universal, even if you have a preference, it’s bad all around. But does it have to be? If you can give people a sense of why they should care, the answer is no. There’s so much good news out there and better ways to handle the […]

‘Pro-Life’ Is A Lie

In early May of 2022, the United States Supreme Court voted to strike down the landmark Roe vs. Wade case that legalized abortion in this country. This decision, made nearly fifty years after the case was decided, is a victory for the pro-life groups like the GOP and fundamentalist Christians. The problem is, these “pro-life” […]

The Value of Community Trade and Exchanges

In the United States there are increasing struggles with human connection, we can see it in our problems and our inability to solve them as well as in the data. Social media, cellphones, and the divisiveness we see across media all help keep us divided, meanwhile our economy is seeing rapid inflation. One way to […]


So, this is the second article Im posting on the topic of Faith. In the first, I laid out the foundation of what Faith generally is, and that it’s important for us as individuals to obtain and sustain it in our lives. Those were two of four questions answered and so I’ll briefly answer in […]

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