We The People Inc. – DAO

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Decentralized Political Action Committee

DAO Governance – Members possess voting rights within the DAO.  Verifies login through blockchain giving access to interact within blockchain.  Next year will be the kick-off.  Wyoming bank account is where the trust is located.  It shall be known that propositions from the DAO are based on levels of trust and commitment.  Know Your Citizen (KYC).  As per usual you may still share posts and vote, yet some props may be regionalized and citizens may have to be KYC’d for the particular region.

KYC will eventually be decentralized.  Certain individuals have various expertise.  Vetting process to verify identity and location.  May be a fee for registering KYC.  Cost may be out of pocket for consumer, vs taken out of DAO

Tech development, maintenance and infrastructure is allocated 5% of the fund.

Perhaps a limit on funding offered for propositions based on post-voting analysis of viability

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